Soap Saver Tray

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even the bestest soaps need a little bit of help sometimes.


Soap Savers are essential to prolonging the life of your Soap Bars because they ensure that your bar can dry out in between uses & never sits in a pool of water.

Have you ever purchased a bar of soap, and then left heartbroken when it dissolved away into nothingness entirely too fast? We have too. It. Is. The. Worst  

The reason that Soap Savers are so important is because natural + handmade soaps are made with real, plant based oils rather than the synthetic detergents that you would find in most big-box store soaps. Natural soaps are formed from real ingredients, and are a much less complex compound of ingredients than their synthetic counterparts. This makes Natural soaps much more water soluble + much more susceptible to dissolving quickly if left wet in between uses  

Made with Eco-Friendly Plastic & can either be used as is, or can be used with an existing soap dish to add extra drainage + airflow to your beloved soap bar.