Sasquatch Soap Bar

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Lather + Rinse + Enjoy

Our Soap Bars are Handcrafted in small batches, from scratch, right here in our lab. 

A little bit about our Soap Making Process:

  • We proudly formulate our Soap from 100% Vegan + Plant Based Oils.
  • Our Soaps are 100% Palm Oil Free
  • We do not use any synthetic Fragrances, only the good stuff. 
  • We don't use traditional Soap Dyes, or any kind of Water Soluble dye to color our soaps. 
  • We make our soaps from scratch, starting with the Oils + Water + Lye, we don't use any SLS/SLSA, or any chemical surfactants to get our amazing bubbly lather. 

Scent: Earthy Patchouli & Sandalwood + Sweet Orange